Why You Must Track Your Real Estate Marketing

Marketing is important for any business. Without good marketing in place, you can not communicate the benefits of your business to potential prospects. The amount of competition in any marketplace is significant and it is staggering when you look specifically at real estate.

When you are working on real estate marketing, you have to know what works and what does work. If you are not tracking your marketing, you will not know what is working. It is very important to track what you do. This can help you get the best return on your real estate marketing dollars. It is a simple way for you increase your traffic and revenue without having to increase your expenses.

There are specific marketing methods which are easy to track. A website can be simple to use for auditing purposes because you can easily track where your audience came from along with where your audience spends the most time. You can send out direct mail and see an immediate response simply through what part of a customer database you target. You can send messages through mobile phone marketing and receive tracking to see who responds.

One of the easiest ways to do real estate marketing across the board beyond using the different specific marketing methods described above is to use a 1-800 number for your activities. A number is not as expensive as it used to be and you can track your results through this. You could have different lines for different marketing methods so that you can see which marketing method works the best. This tracking gives you information you would not have otherwise and you can still interact with your clients in real-time. A 1-800 number can also allow you to capture lost phone calls. This can allow you to call back prospects.

You can even use the 1-800 number as a good real estate marketing tool. You can give information about potential properties on the phone and it can be at no cost to your prospects when you have a toll-free number. This is something that many consumers are attracted to. You could choose a number with a meaning behind it to help brand your business. Think about 1-800-FLOWERS! You can easily remember this. Think about this with your business and the message that you are trying to send. You could even route calls you can not answer to a virtual call center. Some people will not leave a message and will want to talk to a live person. Telephone agents in call centers are usually trained to set appointments so these agents could set appointments for you so that you can more fully automate your real estate company.

Real estate marketing is not hard. Any company can work to be great at marketing but it takes a willingness to try different methods and see which work and which do not. In the end, the best companies never stop testing to see which methods are most efficient. Consumers change their habits and testing helps you realize those trends and change with them.

Source by Chad DeBolt

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